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Does something look familiar to you? Learning something new can be difficult at the beginning… But if you really put your mind to it, you will eventually get the hang of it and the newly learned material will work like clockwork. We all feel the same when learning a new language, a new sport activity (yoga headstand hello ;)) and all the other great things that can be discovered throughout life. So, when learning new skills: practice, practice, practice until you master it without any problems. And yes, this expression is said to be true.

I'm sure you know it from your school days. The learning material is repeated and practiced dozens of times before the exam. That is boring but the best method to store the knowledge in your long-term memory. Did you know when learning something, it doesn’t matter how long something is learned - but how often? The rehearsing improves the communication between the neurons. Experts call this mechanism long-term potentiation, the learning from cell to cell. Something newly learned, now it just has to be repeated so that it stays in your head.

And because we at Valeriana know that frequent repetition is the best method to keep new knowledge in your head, we held a repetition training course for our employees in February

A breath of fresh air with Gabi Heeb at the cleaning training course
 Gabi Heeb is a hygiene and cleaning consultant at Steinfels Swiss and spontaneously took over for our cleaning expert Tarsi. As you see by the name “repetition training course”, a lot of knowledge has been rehearsed around cleaning. Gabi brought some good vibes and quickly harmonized with the Valeriana women. After an introduction round, the initial shyness disappeared and a concentration was needed, as everyone wanted to listen to the new expert. Whispers could be heard everywhere as the women explained things to each other.

What was (re)learnt?
Both training courses focus on practice, all after “learning by doing”. On the first Saturday the focus was on cleaning kitchen surfaces and bathroom, in particular getting rid of myths regarding windows (first clean the inside, then the outside - did you know?) The following Saturday was more challenging: how do you get an oven and a refrigerator clean again? And how do you iron and fold a shirt? On these two days, the long-term potentiation of our employees were really busy! :)

To be continued...
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