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Community is a basic need: Humans are social animals and it feels good to be part of a group. In order to live and to feel well, we need to communicate. Human contact is essential to learn important behaviors and skills. This fact is especially important in integration work.

As you can see, without social contacts, life doesn't work! Of this fact we're acutely aware.

Thanks to «integration through work» we create and strengthen a common «sense of togetherness». We bring our employees from immigrant backgrounds together with the locals by focusing on meaningful community activities in addition to assigning part-time jobs.

What are our community activities?

  • Courses in German, art, culture, creative workshops and promoting environmental awareness
  • Regular «on the job» training
  • Excursions with children and interested people inside and outside the community
  • Musical events and interactive markets
  • Culinary exchange classes and team building events

Also planned is the first Valeriana Café in Zurich, which will be open to the public, serving as an impromptu meeting place and place of work.

What we (as employers) get out of focusing on community activities:

  1. Recognition and trust brings us loyal, motivated and committed employees
  2. Supported employees maintain a high quality of work
  3. Employees with social affiliation and relationships stay with us
  4. Mutual respect is high
  5. We stand eye to eye with our customers who are dedicated and complement each other

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