For a lived sense of community

How we promote social integration

Community is a basic human need. Humans are social animals and to feel well we need to interact with others. We observe each other, learn from each other and thus teach each other important behaviours and skills. This is why community is such an integral part of successful integration work. Nothing works without interpersonal contact. This is why, in addition to integration through work, we also place significant emphasis on the social inclusion of our employees.

Together, we’re never alone

Those left without social interaction quickly find themselves at a standstill. In our work, we repeatedly run into people who have been living in Switzerland for years but still do not feel that they have really arrived. They continue to have difficulties with the language as they barely interact with locals. To change this, we offer our employees a diverse programme of activities in which they can network with each other and with people from Switzerland.

Our range of community activities for our clients and employees include:

Certified language courses, art and culture events, as well as organising workshops to promote creativity and teach environmental awareness

Certified training — on the job, in external training courses or in personal one-on-ones

Music and film events and taking part in interactive markets

Culinary exchange evenings and cooking events

You want to get actively involved and support our integration work? Then you’re just the person we have been waiting for!

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