We are professional.

For us, quality is not a permanent state, but an ongoing process. Quality means stumbling every now and then, perhaps even falling, but always learning to pick ourselves up again. It means to keep at it, to discover hidden potentials and to give chances — to continuously become better at what we do. To support our employees in their development and to continue to improve the quality of our service, we therefore emphasise targeted further education measures, excellent training and close personal contact.

Quality from the outset

Even in the application process, we do not take any half measures. It is very important to us that potential employees fit us and we fit them. We use an online questionnaire to find out how they assess themselves and their skills and in which areas we can support them at Valeriana. We firmly believe that skills can be further developed and expanded. Here, motivation and a sense of pleasure in one’s work are absolutely crucial. This is the only way to make sure that everyone is happy by the end!

We then invite potential matches for an interview in order to get to know them a little better, find out more about their professional background and how well (or, unfortunately, how poorly) they feel integrated into society. If we’re a match, then we organise a trial assignment — with real customers and, of course, fully paid! Based on comprehensive feedback, we then decide whether to sign a contract with them. And to be frank, we love giving chances! But if things don’t end up working out, we can — thanks to our broad network — recommend various other contacts that may be more suitable to them at first.

Quality leads to trust, which leads to quality

Once the contract is in place, the matchmaking begins. Ideally, we would like the relationship between our employees and our clients to go beyond mere service provision. In our opinion, a personal and friendly relationship helps boost integration as well as quality. Speaking of quality: We not only accept all client feedback, but take it seriously, too. We will discuss any feedback face to face with our staff and give them tips on how to do better. On top of that, we also continuously train our staff.

Expertise personified

We would love to put the laurel wreath on ourselves, but in this case “we” stands for one person without whom none of this would be possible: Tarsi Athanasiadis has been in the cleaning business for a good 25 years. As a recognised facility management expert, she has trained staff at the Baur au Lac in Zurich as well as the Grand-Resort Bad Ragaz. And for the true-crime lovers among you: She even acts as an advisor on crime scene cleanups!

So, we are definitely not exaggerating when we refer to her as a true master of her craft. Her expertise is the foundation of all of our cleaning courses and training units. From cleaning cloth folding techniques and ergonomic window cleaning to the right bathroom hygiene — Tarsi knows what to look out for and how to do it just a little bit better! By the way, our employees get a diploma for every completed training course. On the one hand, because it is, of course, important to us that they do their job right, and, on the other hand, to make sure they have something to show for when looking for future jobs.

A shared language

We also giving our employees a help land when it comes to language: In weekly German courses, which we provide free of charge to our employees, we guide them through the pitfalls and subtleties of the German language. By teaching them in several smaller groups, we prepare them for a test that is based on their individual language level and is rewarded with a diploma at the end. In this way, they can keep track of their progress as they master one hurdle after another — and perhaps stumble once or twice along the way, but always pick themselves up again.

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