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“How many threads are there in a single microfibre cloth?” Cleaning expert Tarsi Athanasiadis holds one of our cleaning cloths up in the air and eagerly looks at our cleaning staff. “100 metres” someone guesses, “150!”. When someone says “1,000 metres”, everyone erupts in laughter. That’s way too much, isn’t it? Tarsi smirks… 
“13 kilometres”, she says. Everyone is flabbergasted. “What I’m holding in my hands is a cleaning revolution!” A cleaning revolution that also requires proper handling. And this is exactly what Tarsi is teaching our team members on this April Saturday afternoon. Tarsi has been in the cleaning business for 25 years. She has trained the staff at the Baur au Lac in Zurich as well as other 5-star hotels. And for the true crime enthusiasts among you: She even advises during crime scene clean-ups!
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If you don’t do it right, bathroom hygiene can turn into a serious problem — which is why this course is about exactly that. Luckily, our cleaning system ensures that there is nothing for you to worry about hygiene-wise. Each microfibre is exclusively used for a single purpose: one is for surfaces, another one for sanitary appliances such as bathtubs and sinks and still another one for the toilet (and for there, only!). 
Tarsi’s main goal is to show our cleaning staff how they can work even more efficiently, fully coronavirus-compliant and above all more ergonomically. Years of (incorrect) cleaning can lead to serious health issues and damage the joints and skin. This is why for us, sustainability starts with the gentle and environmentally friendly cleaning agents that we use and goes as far as training our cleaners to do their work in the healthiest way possible.

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After nearly four hours of theory and practice, we’re all a little smarter than before (yes, including the management team!). Beaming with joy, Tarsi hands each cleaning staff member a diploma — a well-deserved reward for all the motivation, eagerness to learn and engagement that our employees have shown today and show on a daily basis. The next step will be at the beginning of May when Tarsi will teach us how to properly wipe floors. And we’re sure that even there there’s still plenty left to learn… 

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