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Saturday morning, 8.00 am, the sun is shining — the perfect conditions for cleaning windows! At the start of our third training session, our cleaning experts Tarsi asks the group: “And? Has anything improved since last time?” “Everything!”, the group shouts back. And: “Everything’s easier, faster and healthier!” We are happy, Tarsi is happy, our cleaning staff is happy. Just three more hours, and they will be holding their third diploma in their hands! But they are yet to earn it… 
Together with Tarsi, our staff learns, among other things, why windows are always cleaned from the bottom up and how to handle especially stubborn stains. Just in time for lunch, everyone finishes up with loads of new facts and tricks under their belt. But for us, in the team, the work has just begun.

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To make sure that everyone retains their new knowledge for as long as possible and to help future staff members benefit from these lessons as well, we repeat everything that Tarsi has been teaching — in words, pictures and videos. In that way, three intensive training days are condescended into around 30 pages of know-how that will support cleaning staff during their work at Valeriana and hopefully beyond. 
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Have your windows been reading along and hinted that they may be in need of a fresh cleaning session themselves? Then let us do them the favour! You can book your personal window cleaning session right here.  

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