We are fair.

We don’t know about you, but we love win-win situations! Because deep inside our little do-gooder hearts, we firmly believe that one only really wins when nobody else loses. That is why it’s so important for us that everyone gets to benefit from our work — you, the people who work with us, society… everyone.

Doing good — for yourself and others

Perhaps you personally don’t need much to feel happy: a clean home, your favourite piece of clothing that you sewed yourself or someone to take care of your plants while you’re on holiday. No problem, we’re here for all of that (and more)! But we wouldn’t be Valeriana if we stopped there. And we also believe that you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t feel the same way.

Back to the beginning

Valeriana is anything but a conventional housekeeping services provider. Valeriana was born out of the question of how we could help people with a migration background to integrate into Swiss society. Language barriers and a lack of or recognised vocational training can make it difficult to really set foot in a country and also increase the likelihood of ending up on the black market or in social isolation.

We want to prevent this. How? By offering our workers fair employment conditions, supporting them with language courses and further training opportunities, thereby enabling them greater participation in society.

Empowering people since 2019

For us, the services we provide are only the means, not the end. We teach our employees that their work has both financial as well as social value. We give them the opportunity to use and refine their craft to get a foot in the door even without recognised vocational training, and become financially independent and make new, valuable contacts. And we get to see over and over again just how much this empowers them.

Fairness first

We firmly believe that good and honest work deserves a good and honest wage. That is why we pay all of our employees around 20 to 30 percent more than is usual in the housekeeping sector. And it is a matter of course for us that they get a fixed contract, including all insurances and social security contributions! Next to integration through work, we also want to give our employees a real chance to integrate socially. That is why part of our revenue goes into language courses, education and community activities. In this way, our employees can get to know each other, make new acquaintances and, in the best case, even develop long-lasting friendships!

In order to facilitate more contact with the Swiss public, we also strive to build long-term relationships with our customers. This has already resulted in many beautiful stories, and we are delighted about every new one that comes along. This is another reason why we are dreaming of a new physical meeting place in the form of a Valeriana Café, where everyone who believes, as we do, that real integration will only enrich our society, can come together. And thus far, we’ve been doing rather well when it comes to realising our dreams — Valeriana is the living proof of that!

We are professional
We are sustainable

We do good — will you join us?