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“Hey, you’re early!” It’s Saturday morning, just after half past seven. Our employee Mitu is already at the front door of the building where our next Valeriana training session will be held. “I live nearby. My husband is a sous chef at the Daizy just around the corner.” How fitting, then, that today’s topic will be how to properly clean ovens and refrigerators. 
When the other Valeriana team members start coming in (and thanks to our recent app training session nobody had trouble finding the location), they’re a little surprised: “Is this some kind of second-hand shop?” A fair question, because the large, light-flood space is filled to the brim with all kinds of goodies that you would otherwise only find in a second-hand or charity shop. Indeed, there are all kinds of treasures laid across photographer Pia Grimbühler’s studio. They become part of the set and setting when the kitchen gets booked for cooking events. Or they serve as props when Pia is busy behind the camera and fittingly arranges food for the camera.

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Cool refrigerators
Today, however, we’ve got something special on the menu: the proper cleaning of refrigerators and ovens. Cleaning expert Tarsi Athanasiadis is there as well of course and has already been looking forward to seeing as many familiar faces as a well as a whole lot of new ones! And they, in turn, listen eagerly to the wisdom Tarsi has to impart: “A refrigerator is something very personal. Everyone has their own way of arranging it.” That is why the first step is to take a picture to make sure that everything ends up exactly where it was before. Step by step, Tarsi guides the team through the entire process.
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As always, theory is followed by practice. One after another, our employees work the refrigerators in small groups. “I’d like to see a training session like this hosted at my house”, Freweini jokes, “because when do you ever get to have your refrigerator cleaned several times over?”
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Hot ovens
After a quick break, with time for coffee and a few words of exchange, we continue with the oven: Our employees learn, for example, how to tell the difference between a self-cleaning and a regular oven — because what works with one could very well break the other. And that wouldn’t be exactly ideal, would it?
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After four around hours, Tarsi has imparted all of her wisdom on today’s topic and is already waving the well-deserved diplomas. As we say goodbye, we exchange a few jokes and hugs. Some of our employees met for the first time today, but new friendships were made quickly. And thus, we’re all super excited about seeing each other again at the next training session, when all the unironed shirts of this world will get their dues. 

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To be continued:
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