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Without Salomé, Valeriana wouldn’t exist because the foundation of it was her idea and when it came to implementing the project she put her money where her mouth was. Today you will find out how the foundation came about and what else our power woman from Appenzell has to offer!

Salomé grew up in and around Appenzell "Im Föfliiber vom Chuehflade". She often spent her summer holidays with her grandparents on the alp. At the age of 16 she boarded an airplane for the first time and since then, she has been bitten by the travel bug. After spending time in Geneva and Cambridge, she has now been living in Zurich for over 14 years.

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She has a Bachelor's degree in Communications and Business, is a copywriter, a certified yoga teacher and learns something new every year. Currently, "The Power MBA" - The First real alternative to an MBA for Experienced Professionals.

Salomé worked at the University of Zurich, in communication agencies, in a healthcare company in the corporate social responsibility field, as well as an international communications consultant. As you already know from Bora's story, the two social impact entrepreneurs founded the "All Impact Association" together. Salomé is the one who launched Valeriana.

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In Bora’s mother, Salomé saw the huge potential and work capacity of women with migratory backgrounds and put the great potential into an effective community. In a very short time a simple website was launched as a pilot project offering services. The concept was very favourable and more women were needed for help.

Salomé's superpower is to see the "big picture" and have a clear plan: "If you know the goal, you will always find a way." Thanks to this attitude, the Valeriana community is growing every month.

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As a child, Salomé wanted to grow up, so she could make her own decisions. She meditates for ten minutes in the morning to have a clear mind, likes long walks in the forest with her dog ÉO and pursues the “Hochbeet” project this coming weekend. 

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