Good to know 5 out of 10 things your mother should have told you about household management

A well-run household is the key to an organized and harmonious home. But sometimes, we wish our mothers had given us the right tips and tricks for household management from the beginning. Inspired by Courtenay Hartford's book "Speed Cleaning," we have picked five out of ten valuable pieces of advice that your mother and father should have told you about household management.
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#FIRST WISDOM - Cleaning needs to be done every day, not just once a week
Over time, we seem to have stopped considering cleaning as a daily affair. Instead, we often cram everything into a tiny Saturday morning. Sound familiar? Yes? Thanks to technological progress, some things are faster, but inner peace comes from keeping up with the daily household chores rather than waiting for chaos to escalate. ;)

#SECOND WISDOM - Spend more money on equipment than cleaning products
A good broom, a good mop with different attachments, a duster, and a high-quality vacuum cleaner can last for years, even a lifetime. Invest your money in these tools and take good care of them. They make life so much easier. If you have good-quality cleaning tools, you can confidently skip reaching for the latest "magic" cleaning products and sponges on the supermarket shelf.

#THIRD WISDOM - Vinegar can clean just about anything
Not all cleaning products are overrated, but 99 percent of them are. If you could only have one cleaning product at home, it would be white vinegar. You can use it for almost everything.

#FOURTH WISDOM - Leave everything clean
Prevention is everything! Yes, really! As soon as you leave a room, leave it tidy. If you stick to this, your entire home will always be neat. It's as simple as that! Leaving a room tidy and clean is much faster than trying to get the chaos under control afterward. ;)

#FIFTH WISDOM - Managing a household is an art
Running a household is important work and affects everyone in the home. It is an art, but also a science and even a business. Yes, we know. ;) Previous generations understood the importance of this task and gave it the respect, time, and mindfulness it deserves. Approach your home and the work you do in it with the respect it deserves.

Et voilà, enough wisdom for today. We wish you a lot of fun implementing and contemplating on them.
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