Good to know The psychology of cleaning – why a clean home is good for our state of mind

Most of us know it too well. The laundry pile has been waiting for weeks to finally be folded and stowed away. The dust on commodes, bookshelves and wherever else it settles, piles up. The oven and the refrigerator could use a deep cleaning. In the past two years we have spent more time as usual in our homes and had thus the opportunity to polish the stove and facets, clean the windows, or simply to put things in the larder in order again. But you feel like some of us in the team? Other things simply had priority :) Physical activities, discovering and living out one's own creativity or trying out a new recipe are somehow more attractive. Spending more time at home has also shown us how comfortable we feel in our own home. Whether close to nature, an interior with nice, cozy furniture or fresh flowers on the living room table - you've probably noticed that these things have a strong influence on your sense of well-being.

Have you ever noticed how tidiness in your home impacts you? Mess and dirt can affect your quality of life to a large extent. We are going to explain to you why

1. Stress Level

Cleaning helps against stress

The degree of cleanliness in your home can negatively influence your stress level. Every dirty corner demands your attention, equals almost a silent reminder and thus becomes an additional stress. In today's society, where we are filled with impressions and information through social media, we increasingly feel the need for order on the outside. And when you invite friends and family over, the desired balance can quickly become another stress factor, as it can become uncomfortable, when your home is untidy.

2. Concentration

Order and cleanliness at the workplace

While working, you may have maybe noticed that you can concentrate better and work more productively when your working space is clean and tidy. Dirt and untidiness draw our attention and decrease our brain activity that we dedicate to our work. An unorganized working space - and during home office that can mean the entire home - can give one the feeling that the other aspects in life are just as chaotic; you feel quicker overwhelmed.

3. Relationships

Dirty dishes

Tidiness and cleanliness also affect interpersonal harmony. Whether in a partnership, in a shared flat or in the family - the household can be a topic of discussion. Not always do flatmates have the same idea of cleanliness. What is clean for some, is for the other anything but a feeling of well-being. The used dishes, the dirty laundry lying around, or the unclean bathroom set off a negative impression towards the other person. Not rarely does this lead to discussions and not only burdens the relationship, but also the well-being in daily life.

4. Full scent

Room scents to fall in love with

Last but not least, scents influence our well-being as well. The fresh scent of citrus is said to have an invigorating effect, whereas the lavender scent calms. So, that's another reason to use cleaning products that are usually mixed with scents more often. Good to know: The sustainable cleaning products used at Valeriana contain high-quality essential oils, such as orange oil, which positively affects the mood and the state of mind. At the end of the cleaning, our Valerianas additionally spray a room scent made of high-quality essential oils, which creates this relaxed atmosphere.

5. Our conclusion

A tidy, clean, fresh smelling home, makes us more concentrated and productive, reduces our stress level, harmonizes our relationships and improves your satisfaction.

If you also want to benefit from the positive influence of a clean flat, but don't have the motivation or time to wield the cleaning rag yourself, then simply use one of the 7 cleaning services of Valeriana, and do something good at the same time! You can easily book your wished service sessions online via our website.

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