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The snow hasn’t quite melted away yet, but everyone seems to be in spring cleaning mode already. That’s at least according to all the window cleaning orders that have been piling up in our inbox. But hey, the chocolate Easter bunnies also already started lining up the supermarket shelves, so why not? 
If you were inclined to do so, you could even eat your chocolate Easter bunny straight off the freshly cleaned floor! Not that we would recommend it, but it would certainly be possible! Because our cleaners only work with the best and most ecological cleaning products.
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But what makes a cleaning product ecological? For us, there are three criteria that we pay special attention to. 
Minimalism: Even if the broad range of products at the supermarkets may suggest otherwise (we’ve now left the chocolate isle for the cleaning section) — not every stain needs its own type of cleaning agent. This is why we rely on a modular system with only four different cleaning concentrates that work for everything based on their composition. 
Efficiency: The basis of almost every cleaning agent is water. If you buy a regular window cleaning spray, for example, all you’re really doing is carrying what is mostly water from A to B. This is not only exhausting as you have to carry around a lot of weight, but also creates a lot of waste (a lot of packaging and very little active ingredient). This is why we rely on active ingredient concentrates that we mix with water from the tap directly on site. This way, we can also reuse cleaning agent containers and bottles and don’t have to reorder so often (from a single bottle of concentrate, we can make about 125 times the amount of cleaning agent — now that’s efficient)! 
Safety: What is the point of having a home that is clean but full of chemicals? Exactly, none at all. This is why it is very important for us that we use cleaning products with safe and gentle ingredients. And they aren’t just good for the whole family, but also the planet! 
We are very happy to have found a partner that shares our values in the Austrian company Uni Sapon: Their cleaning products (which, by the way, are also recommended by WWF and Greenpeace) are made from local, all-natural ingredients and are — after 30 years — still made and filled by hand. Their zero-waste system also makes it possible to return every container in order to have it cleaned and refilled. 
Our cleaning products will therefore not just keep your house clean, but your conscience, too! The only thing you will still have to reconcile with your conscience will be all those chocolate Easter bunnies...

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