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 What’s that thing shining and glittering in the autumn sun? Well, that could only be our new website, of course! And — wow — is it shiny and new! Let us show you what we’ve been working on for the past few months and why we’re so proud of it!
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You may already be familiar with some of it: like Andrea Vollgas’ brilliant illustrations, which gave Valeriana a new face back in March. And then there are things you may not (yet) know but will very soon learn to love: In addition to our cleaning, washing, ironing and sewing services, we will soon start offering several new services to make your life easier. This means that you have come to just the place if you’re looking for someone to…

  •  recycle your waste
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  • look after your plants while you’re on holiday
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  • or runs errands for you that you can’t find the time to do yourself.
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You can find out more about how we do all this in the most social, professional and sustainable way here, here and here. Because every time you book through us, you’re not only doing something for yourself, but you’re also supporting our community work through which we empower people in Switzerland with a migration background. Speaking of people:  If you would like to meet some of the faces behind Valeriana, then we highly recommend our video (just go to the homepage and scroll all the way down). You will also find regular stories and insights behind the scenes of what we do and into Swiss integration work in general in our refreshed magazine.
Sold? Then book directly through our new optimised platform and we’ll take care of finding the right Valeriana match for you! And if you prefer to do all these things yourself, but would still like to support our project, then click here and become a patron and support our work in that way! 
In any case, we want to say thank you, thank you, thank you! For being part of our project from the very beginning or just since today — but either way, hopefully for a long time to come!

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