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Ho – ho – ho! Did anyone ask for a high-speed record? Just before Christmas, we had the opportunity to work on an exciting project for our customer Alpinamed. The order: 200 fabric bags plus 200 elastic bands with the Alpinamed logo as Christmas gifts for their customers. Our working motto: No such thing as no can do!

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It’s mid-December. Our seamstress Yasmin sits in on her couch and works on the seams of bag no. 200. And she’s done! Almost single-handedly, in just over 100 hours of work, she completed our biggest sewing job ever, transforming 30 square metres of fabric, 80 metres of elastic, 400 cork labels and 400 metres of cotton cord into beautiful elastic bands and bags, which will keep 200 lunch boxes together and warm.

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For Yasmin, this was a special experience. Born in Syria, she is a skilled seamstress and is also part of the social project that makes Zurich’s well-known FREITAG bags. But to implement a project as big as Alpinamed within her own four walls was a different story altogether. To cut the fabric, she would come all the way to the Valeriana office, because she had a much bigger working table there!

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Alpinamed, too, got involved in something new. Together, we found the right fabric and determined the material for the logo labels – everything as environmentally (and socially) conscious as possible, of course. For example, we sourced the organic linen fabric directly from the Swiss family business Mamsell run by Ursula Müller and her team. They were so enthusiastic about our project and about the Valeriana concept that they very accommodating in terms of the price when we placed the order — we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved!

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If you want to become our new record setter in 2022, then we’re already looking forward to your order, which you can book right here!

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