Good to know 4 cleaning tips for your home

A clean home is important to all of us. We want to feel comfortable in a hygienic environment and protect the health of our families. But have you ever thought about how our cleaning habits affect the environment? Using eco-friendly cleaning methods is crucial to protect our planet and create a more sustainable future. In this blog post, we will share some eco-friendly cleaning tips for your home and explain why environmentally conscious cleaning is essential.

Why is eco-friendly cleaning important?

1. Protecting water resources: Many conventional cleaning products contain chemicals that can end up in our water systems through drainage. These chemicals can harm aquatic life and ecosystems. By using eco-friendly cleaning products, like the ones we use at Valeriana for every job, we can reduce the impact on our water resources and contribute to environmental protection.
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2. Improving air quality: Conventional cleaning products often contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that evaporate into the air and can compromise indoor air quality. These VOCs can lead to respiratory issues and allergies. Eco-friendly cleaning products contain fewer or no VOCs, resulting in better air quality in our homes.
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3. Waste reduction: Many cleaning products come in single-use packaging that ends up in the trash after use. By switching to eco-friendly cleaning products in refillable containers, we can reduce waste and contribute to reducing plastic consumption. At Valeriana, we always reuse every bottle and refill them when they're empty.

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Eco-friendly cleaning tips:

  1. Use natural cleaning agents: Instead of chemical-laden cleaning products, you can switch to natural alternatives. Vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda, and baking powder are excellent natural cleaning agents that can be used in various areas of your home.
  2. Choose eco-certified cleaning products: Look for cleaning products that carry environmental certifications such as the Blue Angel or the EU Ecolabel. These products meet stringent environmental standards and are more eco-friendly than conventional cleaning products.
  3. Avoid single-use products: Instead of paper towels and disposable cleaning wipes, opt for reusable alternatives. Microfiber cloths are an excellent choice as they clean effectively and can be reused. We bring microfiber cloths to every job at Valeriana, and they are always freshly washed. Important: Never wash microfiber cloths with cotton, as it reduces their effectiveness.
  4. Reduce water consumption: During cleaning, we can also reduce our water usage by being mindful of water consumption. At Valeriana, we spray the cleaning solution directly onto the microfiber cloth and clean, which saves a significant amount of water and benefits the environment.

We invite you to implement these tips in your own home. Start with small steps, such as replacing conventional cleaning products with eco-friendly alternatives or avoiding single-use items. Inform your family and friends about the benefits of eco-friendly cleaning and inspire them to adopt sustainable practices.

Together, we can make a positive change and create a healthier environment for future generations. Let's take responsibility for our planet and take an important step towards sustainability through eco-friendly cleaning at home.

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