Good to know Do something simple and effective against the climate crisis

Do you know how you could actively fight the climate crisis? But you don’t quite know where to start? Well, we have a great tip for you!

We recently came across a platform called Wren is intended for anyone who wants to fight the climate crisis. There is so much circulating information, dos and don'ts relating to the climate crisis, but how are you supposed to know which measures are effective and what influence exactly they have?

How does Wren work? 
Wren not only makes it easier to get started with climate policy, but also the approach to act. First, calculate your own ecological footprint. Here you will have questions about your food lifestyle, your consumer behaviour and how you get around. Based on your answers, your personal ecological footprint is calculated. Cool right? We think so, too! :) 

The next step is about compensating your personal₂ footprint. With a monthly subscription, you get assigned different projects to climate to support. Here you will find the planet-saving, life-changing projects», that Wren supports. In a monthly Impact Update, you'll find out, in the form of story pictures and hard facts, what impact you have and how much CO₂ from the atmosphere is removed.

Carbon Footprint Download

How do we make our contribution?
As a social impact start-up, the topic of sustainability is close to our hearts and
we see it as part of our entrepreneurial responsibility to contribute. Since we only have one earth, it is even more important to treat it and it’s resources considerately. At Valeriana we use ecological and reusable cleaning materials, avoid waste wherever possible, use public transport to go to work and much more.

Environmental-friendly cleaning products from UniSapon Download

We use environmental-friendly cleaning products from UniSapon, the zero waste pioneers since 1984, that are good for our environment and our employees. The products are recommended by Greenpeace. With every booking at Valeriana you do much more than only empowering our employees! It’s a contribution to a sustainable world and way of working.

At the end, an empowering quote from the Wren website to start the weekend: 

«Climate change is the largest crisis humanity has ever faced. But we can fix it.»

Read more about why we focus on minimalist and sustainable products here. 

And learn more about how we live social entrepreneurship here.

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