Good to know International Cleaner’s Day

Today we celebrate International Cleaner's Day. We especially celebrate the people that stand behind it. All people that work in the cleaning industry and thus make a living. It is thanks to them that our homes shine like new and that there is order. With their support, the everyday life of many families, working parents, lazy cleaners and seniors in many ways

And who invented it?
We thank the author Gesine Schulz for this special day. She founded this day on the 8th November 2004 and dedicated it to her novel character Karo Rutkowsky. Karo Rutkowsky is a private detective, but because her income was not enough to live off, she cleans aside. However, she works in the black economy.

Gesine Schulz was annoyed that there is a national day for any topic, but not for people like her protagonist in her novels. So, she took matters into her own hands and quickly created an entry at Wikipedia. This is how International Cleaners Day became official and contributes to the attention and appreciation of all cleaners. Cool woman, right? We think so, too!

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How is it in Switzerland?
Switzerland is particularly known for its cleanliness. No wonder that the need for household support is increasing in this country. According to the Federal Statistical Office, 92,000 cleaners were employed in private households, hotels and offices in 2019.

Just as the novel character Karo Rutkovsky, too many people in the cleaning industry work
in the black economy, approximately every fourth person in Switzerland. That means these people are neither insured nor have a social security or pension fund. As a result of the black economy, the unreported figure in the household industry is large and does not appear in any statistics. According to experts, around 200,000 to 250,000 people work in the cleaning industry.
According to another statistic, every seventh Swiss person employs a paid cleaner in their household. However, about half do not pay accident insurance to their cleaners and a quarter has not registered them with social security. Platforms as a new connection point

Most people these days book their household care through a platform, just like it is possible through Valeriana. Using the new technology of a platform to bring searchers and finders together is a great thing. However, it becomes problematic when the platform provider abdicates from their responsibility, for example to pay social security contributions. They only see them as a type of intermediary between job applicants and those looking for support

How we do
Valeriana clearly positions itself against black economy. Valeriana employees are employed by us, which means they benefit from a fair salary including all social security contributions, free German courses, a certified on-the-job training and community activities. Therefore, our employees are completely secured, of course also against accidents. Our customers have no extra effort to hire household keepers and do not have to worry about black economy. Moreover, our customers do a lot of good by giving someone the opportunity to work!
For this, you get extra points on your karma account!

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Do you know someone in your surroundings who privately hires their household keepers and struggles with the paperwork? Then tell them about our work at Valeriana, so their household help can possibly be employed by us and benefit from many additional services and the Valeriana community in the future.

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