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Daniel is the second part of Code & Design Duos. The coding duo Daniel and Rodrigo solve all existing issues around the Valeriana booking platform and website in teamwork. Daniel is the Co-Founder of codegestalt and master21. Rodrigo and him have been a dream team for a long time and initiated projects together. And Valeriana is one of them.

Daniel grew up in Baselland, is a trained computer scientist and has specialised himself in software and product development for the last 10 years. Daniel is fascinated by applying already existing technologies to simplify or automate long and time-consuming manual processes. Whether it's a simple reminder to self-reflect, making the process of accounting and scheduling more painless for entrepreneurs*, or not exchanging more time for money. Simplification or automation is always possible.

What is special about Valeriana to Daniel

"According to our motto: Optimize happiness!", says Daniel, "Today's technology enables us to optimize our lives according to our own idea of happiness." That topic has been on his mind for quite some time.

In 2011 Daniel and Rodrigo met on Twitter, a “Match made in (the digital) heaven". They combined their skills and energies and have been active in the business world ever since.

As a teenager, Daniel wanted to develop video games and produce films. He is still fascinated by the idea of using his own creativity to create new worlds. With today’s technological advances, this is also becoming easier and easier. Maybe in the future his dream will become reality after all.

Daniel motto

Programming is a superpower and in his spare time he likes to exercise. "As a kid, I was the complete opposite," Daniel comments. Today, he likes to train with his own body weight. Mainly calisthenics, Krav Maga and most recently bouldering. Apart from that, he enjoys cooking and diving in foreign worlds, whether through books, movies, video games or inspiring conversations with friends.

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