Going “green” for yourself and for others — on World Environment Day

Published on 04.06.2021

Have you heard of Earth Overshoot Day? It marks the day in the calendar after which the world’s population requires more resources than the planet can regenerate in one year. Anything we use after this day will be put on tap, so to say.

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Having your chores done while doing good at the same time — is that even possible? With Valeriana it is!

Published on 21.05.2021

Today, we are going to look at a few facts and figures about people with a migration background who work in the housekeeping sector. We’ve gathered this information from UN Women’s “How Migration is a Gender Equality issue” page.

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All hands on deck for the second Valeriana training session!

Published on 14.05.2021

Last Saturday, we launched the second round of our professional cleaning training course led by cleaning expert Tarsi Athanasiadis. The beginning of this week’s training session looked a little more like a chemistry class the way we may remember it from school, featuring safety goggles, pipettes and even an experiment.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Published on 06.05.2021

This goes out to all the mothers, stepmothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers out there. And to all mothers-to-be and those still wanting to become mothers. To all those who would like to become mothers but can’t. And to all those who have decided not to become mothers… Happy Mother’s Day!

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A look back on the last Valeriana cleaning training session

Published on 29.04.2021

“How many threads are there in a single microfibre cloth?” Cleaning expert Tarsi Athanasiadis holds one of our cleaning cloths up in the air and eagerly looks at our cleaning staff. “100 metres” someone guesses, “150!”. When someone says “1,000 metres”, everyone erupts in laughter. That’s way too much, isn’t it? Tarsi smirks…

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Doing good — for yourself and for others.

Published on 22.04.2021

We don’t know about you, but we love win-win situations! There’s a reason our slogan says “Doing good — for yourself and for others”. For us, this slogan isn’t hot hair — we really mean it. Here are a few of the reasons (some of which are even backed by science) why everyone benefits from Valeriana.

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Why many migrants are (re)born on 1 January

Published on 15.04.2021

Today’s topic might have something to do with the fact that today someone in the Valeriana team is also celebrating their birthday. At the very least, this event (which may or may not occur today) has got us thinking about birthdays in general — and about whether it is really just a mere coincidence that so many members of the Valeriana family happen to celebrate their birthday on 1 January.

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Support our recruitment process!

Published on 06.04.2021

Have you ever noticed how people have a total soft spot for getting-to-know-you stories? Movies usually don’t focus on the mundane, everyday aspects of relationships, but on how these came into being in the first place. We also prefer to enquire about how people got to know each other, instead of asking whether...

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Valeriana has a new face!

Published on 29.03.2021

Earlier in March, we decided to change things up a little, although “a little” in this case turned out to be a pretty big deal for us: Since last week, our website has been adorned with new illustrations by the absolutely brilliant artist Andrea Vollgas, giving our team an all-new face!

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Together towards a shared sense of community

Published on 18.03.2021

Talking about racism is never easy, but it is (unfortunately) still necessary. Since 1966, 21 March has officially and globally been dedicated to the “Elimination of Racial Discrimination”. To mark the occasion, we would like to talk about why we should also take a stand for a shared sense of community on all other 364 days of the year and how to do exactly that.

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How we promote empowerment

Published on 08.03.2021

“That little bit of housekeeping takes care of itself, says my husband. That little bit of housekeeping can’t be that bad, says my husband. Why women complain so much is completely beyond me, says my husband.” (translation of a German classic — you’re welcome!)

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How we practice social entrepreneurship

Published on 04.03.2021

Ever heard of whitewashing? Yes, it’s usually got something to do with stains and laundry, but the term is increasingly being used in a metaphorical context. It denotes institutions that invest money in order to look more [enter virtue-signalling adjective of your choice here] instead of actually doing anything tangible.

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The Valeriana family is growing!

Published on 24.02.2021

If you still remember your last job application, then you will know how difficult it can be to write about yourself. I feel the same way about this text, the difference being that I’ve luckily already got the job!

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Why we use minimalist, efficient and gentle cleaning products

Published on 11.02.2021

The snow hasn’t quite melted away yet, but everyone seems to be in spring cleaning mode already. That’s at least according to all the window cleaning orders that have been piling up in our inbox. But hey, the chocolate Easter bunnies also already started lining up the supermarket shelves, so why not?

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For more accessibility in communication

Published on 04.02.2021

What do stairs and language have in common? Some people may find this to be a difficult question to answer — because it has never been relevant to their own lives. For others, the question may be so pertinent that hardly a day goes by where they don’t have to think about it: Stairs and language are barriers.

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Learning a new language together

Published on 27.01.2021

“Chuchichäschtli”? Well, you don’t have to start with the hardest parts of Swiss German... In order to really gain a foothold in a new country, however, it is absolutely essential that one — next to professional and social integration — also learns the local language so that one can communicate.

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Coronavirus — how we protect you and our staff members

Published on 21.01.2021

Another article about that thing that starts with “C”? Sure, we’re all getting very tired of it, but the coronavirus is still with us and will probably continue to be so for quite some time. To make sure that we all get through these difficult times safely, there are a few things to bear in mind on the customer and Valeriana side of things.

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What snow clearing has to do with gender equality

Published on 20.01.2021

In 2011, a misguided attempt by a public official in the Swedish city of Karlskoga to be funny led to the topic of snow clearing to become a political issue. A previously launched initiative was supposed to investigate whether and to what extent municipal measures contributed to gender equality.

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At the home office with Valeriana (and happy New Year!)

Published on 14.01.2021

Hello 2021! Everyone at Valeriana would like to wish you a happy new year! Even though, admittedly, the new year has pretty much started the way the previous one had ended: The coronavirus has still got the world — and that includes Switzerland — firmly in its grip.

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Published on 01.01.2021

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Reporting on the Startup Night in Winterthur — review and outlook

Published on 09.10.2020

What can we say other than: wow! 😍 Two weeks after the 2020 Startup Night on 25 September in Winterthur, we’re still totally beside ourselves. Despite the coronavirus, around 900 guests flocked to the Technopark Winterthur on invitation from the Entrepreneur Club Winterthur...

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Visit us at the 2020 Startup Night in Winterthur

Published on 23.09.2020

There’s a first time for everything, and as start-up founders, we seem to be achieving one first after another: Creating a business for the first time, hiring employees for the first time, processing our first orders and getting the feeling for the first time that this may actually turn into something big...

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Handmade face masks by Valeriana

Published on 11.05.2020

What can we do in order to prevent another large wave of COVID-19? The scientific, governmental and public health consensus is clear: Face masks can help to stop the spread of viruses. This is also true for the novel coronavirus.

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