Good to know Creative Design: How to Turn Your Home into a Personal Haven

Setting up is an art that allows us to design our living space according to our preferences and needs. But what should you pay attention to, and how should you proceed? We have put together 10 tips for successful interior design:

1. Clarity in Vision: Define the style and atmosphere you want to create in your home. A clear vision will help you in selecting furniture and decorations. Do you like the Mediterranean style, including the airy and light style found in Greece? Or do you prefer minimalism like in Japan or the cozy Hygge style like in Scandinavia? Idea: Buy magazines and create your own vision board. You can also find inspiration on Pinterest.
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2. Space Planning: Optimize the available space and carefully plan the arrangement of furniture. Pay attention to good traffic flow and create enough room for movement. Tip: Avoid oversized furniture, such as an oversized sofa. Also, make sure the rug fits under the sofa and is slightly larger.
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3. Colour Choice: Select colours that align with your style and personality. Experiment with different shades to create the desired mood. We are fans of natural tones. You can find beautiful furniture and decor in natural tones at Tikkamoon.
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4. Lighting: Ensure good lighting in every room. Use both natural and artificial light sources to create a pleasant atmosphere. Tip: Opt for indirect lighting and choose light bulbs with a warm tone that are not too bright. Pay special attention to not having overly bright lighting at the dining table.
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5. Textiles and Textures: Use various textiles and textures to add depth and warmth to the space. Rugs, curtains, pillows, and blankets can enhance the room. You can find beautiful items at Maison du Monde.
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6. Personal Touch: Add personal items and memorabilia to give the room a personal touch. Photos, artworks, or souvenirs from your last trip can tell a story. Select the most beautiful memories and create a collage. You can easily do it yourself at ifolor.
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7. Balance and Harmony: Strive for a balanced distribution of furniture and decorations to create visual harmony. Avoid overcrowding the room with too many elements, as too much decor can make the space feel cluttered. One tip: Søstrene Grene.
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8. Function and Organization: Keep functionality and organization in mind. Create sufficient storage space and keep the room tidy.
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9. Connection to Nature: Incorporate elements of nature such as plants, natural materials, and colours to establish a connection with the outside world. Don't have time to go to the garden center to buy plants? You can buy pre-potted plants online and have them delivered to your home at Mary and Plants, Feey – we can recommend them, we've tested it ourselves.

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10. Continuous Adaptation: Be open to changes and adapt your interior design to your needs. Small changes can have a big impact. You can do this every year during a spring-cleaning session, including decluttering. ;)

Finally, it's about being inspired, browsing furniture stores, and strolling through places like the Viaduct Arches in Zurich. You can find some beautiful and valuable pieces there. And if it's a bigger purchase or the price tag is higher: Christmas is always somehow around the corner, so don't hesitate to start your wish list. :)

«The details are not the details. They make the design.»

Charles Eames, American designer and architect

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