About us A Fresh Look at Cleanliness: Valeriana vs. Your Daily Coffee

Imagine standing in line every morning for your coffee to kickstart the day. Sounds familiar, right? But here's the kicker: have you ever thought about how much you spend on your daily coffee fix over a year? A quick grab for the calculator, and voilà: at CHF 6.40 per coffee per day, you're looking at a grand total of CHF 2,336 per year. And that's just for coffee!

Now, as you might be giving your coffee cup a skeptical glance, let's consider another luxury: a clean home. At Valeriana, we offer you a spotless cleaning service for your 3.5-room apartment at only CHF 46 per hour. With an average effort of 2.5 hours per session and a frequency of every two weeks, your annual expenses come to CHF 2,990.

But there's more: At Valeriana, we bring our own cleaning supplies, so you don't have to worry about it. And the best part? Our cleaning products are eco-friendly and chemical-free. By choosing Valeriana, you're doing good - both for yourself and the environment.

Let that sink in: for just CHF 654 more than your annual coffee expenses, you can have a sparkling clean home for a whole year and also do your bit for the environment.

In conclusion: A clean home is not just a matter of comfort, but also a smart financial decision. It's time to rethink your priorities - perhaps over your next coffee? ☕🏠

Learn more about our service at www.valeriana.ch and start your journey to a clean, happy home!
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