Good to know Coronavirus — how we protect you and our staff members

Another article about that thing that starts with “C”? Sure, we’re all getting very tired of it, but the coronavirus is still with us and will probably continue to be so for quite some time. To make sure that we all get through these difficult times safely, there are a few things to bear in mind on the customer and Valeriana side of things. Many of these points may be self-evident, but here is a little reminder of a few (still) very important points: 

Keep your distance and wear a mask
  • Keep your distance and wear a mask: Members of our cleaning staff are equipped with FFP2 masks and disinfectants. If you and your cleaner happen to be at home at the same time, we recommend that you wear a mask as well and, if necessary, keep out of the room being cleaned at any given time (door-to-door conversations may not be the most convenient, but they’re better than nothing if you want to make a little chit chat.  
Wash hands regularly
  • Wash your hands and wear gloves: Our cleaners will not just wash their hands regularly, but also work with gloves that have also been provided by us. 

Ventilate regularly
  • Air out your rooms: For us, airing out the rooms is the first step of every flat cleaning. And still: The more often you air out your own rooms, the better! Therefore, feel free to open your windows before your cleaner arrives (at least when you are at home). 

Clean cleaning supplies
  • Cleaning supplies: Fabrics such as cleaning cloths and towels are regularly cleaned by our staff and brought fresh to each new assignment. 

  • Handshakes: We don’t know how you guys feel about it, but even after a whole year, we still find it very strange that we can’t greet each other with handshakes or hugs anymore. Perhaps you and your cleaner could come up with a new greeting together. If you come up with something interesting, then let us know via 

In case of quarantine or illness
  • When push comes to shove: If you or someone in your household feels ill, has to go into self-isolation/quarantine or receives a positive COVID-19 text, then we would like to ask you to reschedule your next appointment accordingly. If one of our cleaners was just with you shortly before, then please let us know so that we may also take the appropriate measures for them. If one of our team members has to cancel an appointment, then we will try to make sure that you get a replacement for the same time slot. 
Let us just hope that — thanks to mutual consideration — it won’t have to come to that. Nevertheless, we’ll knock on wood (and disinfect it right after, of course)! 
And here is your reward for having read the article and still not being tired of all the coronavirus talk — a little bit of dog content (and Bora) for you!
PS: By the way, our team has been very busy and have sewn loads of colourful masks. You can find these and many others in our shop!

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe and I choose you!

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