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We don’t know about you, but we love win-win situations! There’s a reason our slogan says “Doing good — for yourself and for others”. For us, this slogan isn’t hot hair — we really mean it. Here are a few of the reasons (some of which are even backed by science) why everyone benefits from Valeriana. 
They say that money alone doesn’t make you happy. The emphasis, however, should be “alone” rather than on just “money”. In his article “How to buy Happiness — The joys of money are nothing without other people“ (published in the Atlantic on 15 April 2021), Arthur C. Brooks writes that while money may increase one’s sense of well-being up to the point of a certain account balance, this effect stops past that particular balance. If you’d like to know the exact amount and whether you still have room for growth when it comes to your personal happiness: the amount determined by various studies was around $92,000 in annual income. Fun fact: This insight persuaded one CEO from a Seattle-based credit card company to upgrade his employees’ salaries — while downgrading his own — so that everyone would earn the same amount and thereby be equally happy.
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Once one’s own livelihood is sufficiently taken care of, other factors start coming into play that have a decisive influence on furthering one’s happiness. And here, one factor stands out in particular: other people. No matter whether you’re travelling or eating out, “You can raise your happiness if you share it with someone you love”. Doing things with other people has been proven to make you happier. What it also takes is time. So, if you can hand over your most time-consuming tasks to someone else, then you’ll have more time to spend with your favourite people. And if you do so with someone who may not have reached their maximum happiness-increasing account balance yet, then your happiness gets multiplied several times over! 
It has even been proven scientifically that your brain reacts to selfless deeds with an extra release of dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin. In this sense, it almost doesn’t matter what came first: the chicken (your desire to do something good for yourself) or the egg (your desire to do something good for somebody else). The end result is the same: You both feel better! 
And that is precisely why you’re not the only one who’s happy when placing an order with us, but our cleaning team is, too. For, in the end, everyone gets exactly what they need to increase their own personal happiness — a real win-win situation! 

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