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Who is Bora? Today you will find out some things about him, for example what Bora likes to do in his spare time, which book he would strongly recommends and of course what Valeriana means to him and how he created his path before the foundation of Valeriana.

Long before Valeriana started, Bora had already started several projects in the social field, founded startups and accompanied them. Being self-employed and socially active, he has been brought up with the doer-mentality and the entrepreneurial mindset. Already at the age of 15, Bora financed himself. In the early 2000s, he gave computer courses to people with low professional qualifications to show the possibilities of the Internet and global communication.

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In Switzerland, Bora gained his Bachelor degree in  Corporate Finance, followed by a Master in Banking & Finance and a second Master Degree in Management in the South of France. In France, he had the opportunity to build an Internet startup into an international tech scale-up and, along the way, founded a company by himself, that was active in 10 countries. As you can see, Bora is full of good ideas, positivity and motivation to "Get Things Done". 

In 2013, he went back to Switzerland, where he continued with his Entrepreneurial Energy and founded an Ad-Tech startup and supported many other startups as a sounding board in strategy and fundraising with investors.

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In all of his projects, Bora has been guided by the idea of impact investing and philanthropy. This is how Bora and Salomé founded the All Impact Association to mobilize funds for venture philanthropy and impact investing through technology, education and effective marketing. Within All Impact, Valeriana was also founded. Find out how exactly the founding idea came in Salomé's introduction.

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As a child, Bora would have wished to stay a child, a bit like Peter Pan. In his spare time, which is relatively little because he spends most of his time coming up with new ideas on how to do even more good, he loves to walk with his sweet dog ÉO. His superpower is "understanding people and talking a lot" and his must-read book: "Give and Take by Adam Grant". Why helping others and doing good makes you successful.

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