Good to know The least popular household chores of the Swiss

Housework — some love it, some hate it. Some use it to relax, others get anxious just thinking about it. What about you? A study by Immowelt looked at which household chores are perceived as the greater and which as the lesser evils. They asked 500 Swiss which chores they enjoyed doing and which they would avoid at all costs. So, hold on tight, because here come the answers:

Windowpanes get cleaned

1st place: cleaning windows
Every fifth Swiss, so around 21% of the population, can’t stand cleaning windows. They would prefer to leave the cleaning agent in the cupboard and wait until the rain washes the dirt off the windows. But that will only work if the windows get any rain at all, of course ;) 

Valeriana women busy ironing

2nd place: ironing
“To iron or not to iron, that is the question”. 19% of Swiss are faced with this question time and time again. Luckily, you can wear many items without having to iron them and therefore without a bad conscience. And at the same time, there are just as many clothes where you wouldn’t dare to leave the house without ironing first. And let’s be honest, clothes always look better ironed!

Our expert, Tarsi, shows how to clean toilets

3rd place: the toilet
Despite the fact that the toilet is a place of relief for most people, cleaning it is still an absolute nightmare for 19% of Swiss. That’s a chore that even we can’t embellish — what has to be done, just has to be done ;) 

The remaining ranks are occupied by tasks such as cleaning the bathroom, dusting surfaces and vacuuming the floor.

The most popular household chores
According to the study, cooking is the most popular household chore among Swiss respondents (39%). Both men and women like to wield the cooking spoon equally. The second favourite chore is grocery shopping. No wonder that the most popular chores have to do with food and its preparation, because as we all know: good food = good mood ;) 

At the stove, that's where we like to stand

Household nightmares at the Valeriana team 
For this article, we’ve also asked around our team to figure out our own household nightmares. For Salomé and Bora, it’s definitely cleaning the floor, because long walks with their beloved dog ÉO often result in a lot of dirt being brought back into the house and parts of her beautiful coat like to end up on the floor, too. For Elif, it’s mopping the floor, dusting surfaces, ironing and folding clothes and storing them away. Elena wouldn’t really mind housework if she didn’t have to do it so often. Amila, who you will also get to know very soon, lives in an old apartment building where every window feels as if it’s three metres high. So, she agrees with most Swiss when it comes to the most hated chore. 

If you find yourself with a mountain of laundry to iron or like Amila don’t particularly enjoy cleaning the 3-metre-high windows in your old apartment building, then just book a Valeriana service session via our website and load up your good karma account at the same time :) And with all the extra time that you’re gaining, you could do something nice for yourself. How about a walk around Lake Zurich in the winter sun to recharge your batteries? Sounds good, doesn’t it? :)

To be continued:
In our story “Tipps und Tricks im Haushalt”, you will learn our secret household tips. 

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