Us-Feeling Going “green” for yourself and for others — on World Environment Day

Have you heard of Earth Overshoot Day?  It marks the day in the calendar after which the world’s population requires more resources than the planet can regenerate in one year. Anything we use after this day will be put on tap, so to say. In 2020, Earth Overshoot Day was 22 August. Switzerland’s very own Overshoot Day, on the other hand, was already on 11 May! This means that if everyone lived the way people do in Switzerland, we would need 2.8 Earths in order to be able to sustain that kind of lifestyle… 

Since we’ve just got one earth, it is all the more important that we treat it and its resources with consideration in the long term. Our fragile ecosystem needs time to recover from us. And we should give it that time by striving as a global population to keep our resource consumption in check. 
This is, of course, a global problem — yet every little cog (yes, including you, me, him and her) counts! This is why ideas and initiatives are being collected under the hashtag #MoveTheDate (and listed on a cool interactive map) to help us improve our chances for a safe future.

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By booking through Valeriana, you can do a whole lot: We are already using environmentally friendly, sustainable and reusable cleaning agents, avoid waste where possible, take public transport to work and much more. And we constantly ask ourselves how we can do what we do in an even more sustainable manner. You never stop learning, after all… 
There are many other ways to make a difference, even through small changes. From second-hand shopping to food rescue and environmentalism for kids big and small, here are a handful of useful apps to help you get started. 

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Let us not only move mountains together, but entire calendars! For a liveable future — for yourself and for others. #MoveTheDate 

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