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What can we do in order to prevent another large wave of COVID-19? The scientific, governmental and public health consensus is clear: Face masks can help to stop the spread of viruses. This is also true for the novel coronavirus.
 Here are 4 reasons why it makes sense to buy a hand- or custom-made face mask right now: 
1.      Now that the restrictions are slowly being reversed, it is important to protect yourself and others on the bus, train and on the go. 

2.     You’re making professional respirators available to those who really need them (hospital and care staff).  

3.     You automatically stop touching your face as often — which is something we do unconsciously all the time. 

4.     It just makes some people feel better. This is fine as long as you don’t neglect other hygiene rules, such as washing your hands regularly. 

Therefore: After spending a lot of time thinking about what we could do to help during the pandemic, we have decided to start offering face masks at Valeriana. Our Valeriana sewers have been very busy making these over the last few days. Our face masks are guaranteed to be made fairly and ethically. By buying one of them, you do something good for yourself and for others. In addition, you also help us to close the gaps that have emerged over the past few months, as we have continued to pay our women 100% of their wages despite the lockdowns. Why? Because we think that it is fair and because we believe that this is just how it should be. 
Thanks to the ‘Integration through Work’ initiative, we are doing our part at Valeriana to strengthen the public sense of community. In addition to providing part-time jobs, we also initiate effective community activities in order to bring local and foreign populations closer together.  To do so, we employ a variety of smart technologies, such as our household platform or, as in this case, our face mask shop. In that way, we also promote intercultural exchange. 
This is what happens when you breathe or sneeze without a face mask:
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You can watch the excerpt from the TV programme ‘Quarks’ here.

DIY face masks
At this point, we would like to express our immense gratitude to the unbelievably talented and kind-hearted textile designer Javier von ALSAMENDI from Zurich. He has created the brilliant design and given us permission to use it.
Valeriana face mask blue

Flower Power blue — Click here to order in the Valeriana shop
26.00 CHF incl. VAT
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Valeriana face mask red

Flower Power red — Click here to order in the Valeriana shop
26.00 CHF incl. VAT
#swissdesign #fairdesign #swissmade #fairwear #valeriana #doinggood 
The face mask consists of 3 layers of cotton fabric, 2 rubber bands and a wire for the nose.
 Recommended use: Wash the face mask at 60 degrees after first receiving it by post and after each use. If possible, avoid touching the outside of the mask while wearing or removing it. If you do, wash your hands thoroughly with soap. If necessary, you can iron your mask back into shape. 
All of our masks are handmade by our experienced Valeriana sewers: Should there be an issue, we will take care of it. Please contact us in that case via

Available to order in the Valeriana shop
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