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Another Saturday, another training: After our employees learnt how to correctly clean ovens and refrigerators two weeks ago, today they are going to use the iron and practise the correct folding technique.

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Snow flurries
Tarsi has a problem with her car and comes a little late. No problem, the irons just have to stay cold for a while until our cleaning and ironing expert arrives. We use this time to speak with our employees. “What do you like most about Switzerland?”, Bora asks. “Mountains! I like the snow! When I first saw snow, I spent almost the whole day sitting in front of the window and looking out of the window”, says Embaba. Not all her colleagues agree with her on her soft spot for snow. But all those present have one thing in common: They had never seen snow before they came to Switzerland.

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Also folding must be learned!
As Tarsi arrives, everyone is in a good mood and excited about what comes next. In Pia Grimbühlers workshop space, irons and ironing boards are already ready, and everyone has brought their un-ironed clothes that will be ironed today (later absolutely wrinkle-free). Before we begin ironing, Tarsi Athanasiadis first demonstrates a folding technique with which T-shirts can be folded within seconds - everyone is thrilled! Finally, the irons are handed out and Tarsi demonstrates what particular care should be taken with which item of clothing. Then, Tarsi explains what particular care should be taken with which item of clothing. After almost two hours everyone knows how it works: Shirts, blouses, jeans and pleated pants - "Finito Amore," as Tarsi likes to say after each completed lesson.

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First strengthen, then smoothen
The break is used to try local delicacies that some of our employees prepared at home and brought along. Newly strengthened, we can directly start with the practice phase. It’s nice to see how everyone is motivated and helps each other. Our training sessions are never just lessons, but also a lot full of laughter, getting to know each other and seeing each other again. So, it's not surprising that by the end of the training, people are already asking when the next one will be. Learning together is simply still the best.

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Can we also support you?
If there are still some piles of clothes in your house that have to be ironed : We are ready! Here, you can easily book your ironing service and support our employees to set their newly gained knowledge directly into practice!

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