Us-Feeling Happy Mother’s Day!

This goes out to all the mothers, stepmothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers out there. And to all mothers-to-be and those still wanting to become mothers. To all those who would like to become mothers but can’t. And to all those who have decided not to become mothers… Happy Mother’s Day!  
There are many sides to motherhood. (Illustration by Mari Andrew)

Next to all the other mothers in the world, we at Valeriana would like to single out a very special mother on this Mother’s Day, without whom we and everything we stand for wouldn’t even exist. 
In 1991, Hatun and her three little children set foot on Swiss soil for the first time so that she could build a better future than that one she had left behind in her home country. But coming to a foreign country with a foreign language and a foreign culture can be difficult — even more so with children to take care of, no recognised vocational training and no social contacts. The years go on and while her children learn to read and write at school and make a host of new friends, Hatun increasingly succumbs to social isolation. 
When Salomé hears Bora’s mother’s story for the first time, she realises immediately that something is going to have to change. She soon creates a simple website in order to start offering the skills that Hatun already possesses. In no time, the first orders start trickling in and soon Bora’s mother can’t handle them all by herself anymore and more women are brought on board — Valeriana is born (fun fact: Valeriana contains the word “Ana”, which means “mother” in Turkish — learned something new again!). 
Proud mum, proud son: Hatun and Bora

We hope that we won’t have to remind you to say thank you to your mother this Mother’s Day — but we would like to remind you that we also offer Valeriana vouchers. With these, you can not only say thank you to all the mothers in the world but also help mothers integrate into Swiss society. For more happy endings like Hatun’s… 
*You think that’s a great idea? Then write us at and order a voucher for someone special! 

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