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“Chuchichäschtli”? Well, you don’t have to start with the hardest parts of Swiss German... In order to really gain a foothold in a new country, however, it is absolutely essential that one — next to professional and social integration — also learns the local language so that one can communicate. This is why we also support members of our staff in learning German. 
Michelle helps the women to improve their German
“’Handschuhe’. That’s right, in German, we say that we wear shoes on our hands.” The class erupts in laughter. It is, after all, very important that learning is actually made fun! Michelle Joho joins us in our Valeriana office for two hours every Monday evening in to teach our staff the basics as well as the pitfalls of the German language. Today, we start by discussing our new coronavirus guidelines to find out whether all of the members of our staff have understood everything or if there are still any unanswered questions. 
Embaba and Michelle chat a little before the class
Right now, only a few of the women are still attending class due to the coronavirus. Embaba and Nardos, however, are still highly motivated and won’t let any of this stop them from coming. This makes us quite proud! Or as we say in Switzerland: “Mir sind so stolz uf oi!” 
Nardos reads through our COVID-19 protection measures

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