Dear Valeriana customer

Enclosed you find more information about your booking and how it works.

Before executing the order:

Our Valeriana employee will bring all the cleaning products and microfiber cloths herself in her Valeriana cleaning kit. It is important that our employees use them to do their job in order to provide a good service. We use only environmentally friendly and ecological cleaning products from Uni Sapon.

Please provide the following utensils:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Mop with 2 attachments (for the bathroom a separate attachment is needed) Tip: attachment consisting of microfiber
  • Bucket (10l)
  • Household paper

In order for our Valeriana employee to complete the job to your full satisfaction:

  • Whole apartment: please clear toys and clothes off the floor, dressers and sofa; only clear areas can be cleaned.
  • Kitchen: Please put dirty dishes in the dishwasher and dispose of leftover food.

Service description:

Maintenance cleaning

What is maintenance cleaning? (also called visual cleaning)

At Valeriana we offer «maintenance cleaning». Maintenance cleaning is the repetitive cleaning of an apartment, house or office at a regular time interval.

The time interval (daily, weekly, every 2 weeks or monthly) is always agreed individually between the client and Valeriana. All work that requires telescopic handles or ladders (i.e. over 2.20 m) is not included in the scope of maintenance cleaning and belongs to the higher service category "intermediate cleaning".

Maintenance cleaning can be applied to all conceivable objects and includes the cleaning of private households, staircases, offices, business premises, schools, day care centers, supermarkets and shopping centers.

Maintenance cleaning Floor coverings

  • All floor coverings incl. carpets dry vacuuming (vacuuming)
  • Hard floor coverings, such as tiles are wet mopped

Maintenance cleaning sanitary area

  • Dust and wet cleaning up to shelf height 2.20 m (with telescopic dusting device)
  • Thoroughly clean WCs, sanitary facilities, wet areas, urinals, WC bowls, washbasins, bathtubs and shower cubicles
  • Clean fittings, mirrors and wall tiles in the splash area with damp treatment
  • Empty hygiene or waste containers
  • Clean hard floor coverings using wet mopping method
  • Damp clean doors in the handle area and window sills (inside), light switches, wall decorations, ceilings and wall lights, radiators (accessible) as required (visual cleaning)

Maintenance cleaning living and kitchen area

  • Dust and damp cleaning up to shelf height 2.20 m with telescopic dusting device.(without ceiling lamps) For high cupboards, other extraordinary things above our standard please contact us for a discussion, we always find a solution.
  • Thorough vacuuming of textile floor covering
  • Hard floor coverings (PVC, linoleum, wooden floors)
  • Wet mopping floors with (pick up mop)
  • Kitchen cabinets outside handle marks damp wipe, clean countertop, kitchen sink and faucets and damp wipe
  • Cleaning tiles in kitchen area Damp wiping.
  • Mirrors all over Damp wiping.
  • Windows and doors in the handle area Damp wiping (removal of handle marks)
  • Window ledges, light switches, wall light fixtures, radiators (accessible) as needed Damp wiping.
  • General surface cleaning of furniture Damp wiping.
  • Removal of cobwebs (if no telescopic handle and ladder are necessary for this)

We are also happy to do more for you! Maintenance cleaning miscellaneous / Maintenance cleaning/ intermediate cleaning/ miscellaneous by arrangement with customers

In this case, some maintenance cleaning will be omitted in favor of special cleaning tasks (one-time) or additionally gladly offered

  • e.g. window cleaning with and without frame, blind cleaning etc.
  • e.g. cleaning the whole steam vent, refrigerator or oven
  • Furniture will generally not be moved aside to clean underneath

Please email or call the Valeriana office for extra services.

The following doesn't belong to the maintenance cleaning (belong to the category intermediate cleaning)

  • Cleaning of windows and frames inside and outside and blinds with telescopic handle and/or ladder
  • Basic cleaning, stone floor or parquet floor or maintenance treatment
  • Basic carpet cleaning: Extracting, removing stains, etc.
  • Cleaning lamps, cupboards etc. over height 2.20 m
  • Intermediate and basic cleaning in the sanitary area, such as shower cubicle, bathtub, WC's, lavabos and tiles - both all the fittings

At the end of the job:

  1. For the sake of the environment, we will send you the invoice by e-mail. You can transfer the amount within 10 days by eBill, Credit Card, Twint or E-Banking.

  2. Contact us at any time for suggestions, comments and extra tasks by e-mail at or by phone at +41 44 500 28 72.

  3. Important: Are you planning a vacation? Please inform us of your absence at least 3 days before departure. In case our staff is standing in front of closed doors, we still have to charge the booked time in full. A short email to or a phone call is sufficient.

  4. All further information can be found in the terms and conditions on our website.