Work for us and benefit from a fair working relationship.

Our goal is to improve the integration of immigrants in Switzerland through work and by building a community. We are convinced that a «sense of togetherness» only arises when we reach out to each other.

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Find your way around your new home country

We know from experience and through many conversations: It is not always easy to find your way in a country far from home. Among the known challenges are linguistic hurdles, cultural differences, and gaining a foothold in the workplace. But we also know that faith can move mountains. Those who are persistent, are patient, and have the strength to follow through, have an excellent chance at a great life in Switzerland. Personal commitment to integrating yourself into Switzerland will always have a positive effect, and be noticed by others.

The Valeriana community supports you

To make this a little easier, we have started the Valeriana community. For the community, we regularly organize trips and courses in German, art, culture, and creative workshops, as well as environmental awareness courses. A Café is also planned, in the near future, where you’ll be able to catch up with clients or other employees. In addition to this, washing machines and sewing machines will also be available in the Café. While the washing machine is running, you can talk to clients and other Valeriana employees.

Get in touch with us

Are you looking for an extra income, and are you good at cleaning, sewing or washing? Are you also interested in becoming part of our Valeriana community? Then don’t hesitate to contact us. Just fill in the questionnaire. We'll contact you as soon as possible for a friendly chat.

Advantages for you

20% more pay than the usual in the industry

Fair employment, social benefits (AHV, IV, EO, ALV, PK, accident insurance) and very important: protection against illegal work

Less linguistic and cultural hurdles and more contact with other people

We promote networking and active communication

Our community brings you and your children together at regular intervals with other employees and interested people. Together we go on trips, visit museums and exhibitions, do crafts, cook, organize picnics and courses on the environment, art and culture.

Here is what our Valeriana-Employees say

I love being able to discuss sewing requests and alterations with clients over coffee. Even though my German isn't perfect, its great to be able to exchange ideas and learn from each other. I'm always extremely happy when I can fulfill the requested wishes and alterations. Valeriana is a perfect match for me and I'm grateful for the opportunity.

Hatun, Valeriana-Employee

It fills me with great joy when I can clean a home for someone, as through this I'm able to create a beautiful and clean atmosphere. At Valeriana it's an even greater pleasure, as I'm able to attend courses and if there's ever an issue the community is always there to help. I love the interaction with the other workers and clients, and am excited to see how everything will grow and become bigger.

Embaba, Valeriana-Employee

I've lived in Switzerland for 10 years. Thanks to Valeriana I'm able to work in my original profession as seamstress, and earn an income. I greatly value the contact to the clients and other ladies. My German has already improved and I'm looking forward to all the upcoming trips and workshops.

Mira, Valeriana-Employee

Frequently asked Questions

  • Do I need a visa / work permit?

    Yes, a work permit for Switzerland is mandatory.

  • Do I already need to have worked as a seamstress, washer, or cleaner?

    Ideally you’ve already worked as one of the above mentioned jobs and you are experienced. If that's not the case, no problem. We`ll sit down with you and discuss the next steps. In addition, you will receive regular training at Valeriana.

  • Do I get an employment contract?

    Yes, you will receive a contract of employment with all the necessary extras for part-time employees based on hourly pay.

  • How good does my German have to be?

    To be able to talk to our customers, you should master a basic language application. The minimum level is A1 in German, a higher level would be even better. One thing is certain: Your knowledge of German will continue to improve thanks to Valeriana.

  • How do I receive sewing, washing & ironing, or cleaning offers from Valeriana?

    You will receive the offers by SMS. You decide which offer you accept.

  • Do I have to participate in the community activities of Valeriana?

    Of course, the participation is not compulsory, but expressly desired. As a people-oriented employer, we are characterized through these activities by supporting our employees and providing networking opportunities with the public.