The history of Valeriana

How it all started...

Once upon a time, over twenty-five years ago, a mother came to Switzerland with her three small children, as it was no longer safe in their country of origin. The children integrated well because they were involved in school life.

But for the mother, it was difficult to find part-time work without recognized vocational training. The part-time work would have allowed her to have more regular contact with the local population, which in return would have improved her German language skills. For years, she looked for a part-time sewing job but never got a real chance. She was isolated in a triangle between home, shops, and a few acquaintances.

This woman is Bora's mother, and for Salomé, this was a «call-to-action». What can we do here? The solution was a simple website for sewing, cleaning, washing & ironing. Within the first week, bookings were made, and soon more women were recruited to handle the growing number of requests.

That's how it all started. The effect on the women was overwhelming, they became more confident, and the customers were thrilled by their heartfelt skills. Now we plan to expand this amazing success story of Valeriana, and bring our community even closer together.

Our Vision

Thanks to «integration through work», there is a strengthened «we-feeling» in the community. We bring the domestic and immigrant populations closer together by setting up effective community activities in addition to the assigned part-time jobs. We use smart technologies in the form of a platform and promote intercultural exchange.

The name Valeriana

Valeriana has several meanings: from the botanical (impatiens walleriana), it's the name of a flower colloquially known as the «busy Lizzie» - which all our employees are, when completing their work. Valeriana is the name of a plant which is used in sedatives - for us it means that you can relax while your chores are being done. Also, Valeriana includes the word «Ana», which means «mother» in Turkish. What does Valeriana mean to you? We look forward to receiving your creative ideas:

The Valeriana team

Elena Heibel (Social Impact Community Manager), Bora Polat (Co-Founder),
Salomé Fässler (Co-Founder), Rodrigo Hänggi (Code & Design)